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Water Fed Pole System

Pure water technology is a New Cleaning System. It is set to revolutionise the window cleaning industry and the way we clean your windows. We at NCS for spotless windows ltd would like to introduce you to the basic concept of PURE WATER TECHNOLOGY.

Pure water is stored in the back of a van and pumped through a telescopic carbon fibre pole. The pure water is applied to the glass using a soft bristle brush head and rinsed down. Your frames and sills will also be cleaned.

Previously inaccessible windows, i.e. above conservatories etc can now be reached with ease. No more odd faces appearing in your upstairs windows now means more privacy for you. Reduces the risk of causing damage to your property as we no longer need to rest ladders against uPVC, guttering and walking on roof tiles can now be eliminated.

No chemicals or detergents only 100% pure water, which we filter through deionisation vessels. This system is environmentally friendly. The absence of chemical residue means that dirt will find it harder to cling to your windows, therefore your windows will stay cleaner for longer. It can be used in all weather, helping us provide a more regular service.

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