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What's so special about pure water?

Pour a glass of tap water over a window and wait for it to dry; you'll notice that it leaves a stain on the glass. This stain is a combination of the minerals, chemicals and organisms in the water. Our water passes through a filtration system to remove all impurities.
Why are the windows left wet?

We leave the windows wet because they have been rinsed with pure water which will dry without leaving smears or residue.

How often do you come?

We can clean monthly or bi-monthly. You will be called the day before if there is an access issue. We clean in the rain (bar the heaviest) as there is still accumulated dirt on your windows and frames to remove.

Will you be able clean the windows above my conservatory?

Yes, most of the time it's no problem. If we can see the window from the ground, we can normally clean it with our pole system. However, if the window is partially or completely obscured, its likely that we will be unable to clean it.

How do I pay you?

1. Pay your window cleaner when he comes to clean your windows
2. A SAE will be provided for you to send a cheque in the post.
3. A representative will call in the evening between 6pm 8pm (not weekends).

How much does the service cost?

Prices start from £8 for average ground +1 floor, 3 bed Semi-Detached properties with no conservatory. Frames must be uPVC in order to be washed effectively.

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